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“But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God & not to us.” {2 Corinthians 4:7}

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Five Favorite Finds.

This is my updated version of “Friday Finds” (don’t worry, I still have something in store for Friday, don’t fret : )
…also, I realize it is quite a feat to have five “favorites”, since the word “favorite” insinuates one.
Just go with it.
Here are my top five favorite articles that I found this week!

1) Jesus Also Had Unbelieving Family Members
via Desiring God

Jon Bloom

“Don’t give up praying for unbelieving family members.  Don’t take their resistance as the final word.  They may yet believe…”

2)  What Does it Mean to be Biblically Balanced?
Tullian Tchividjian, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

“…to be ‘Biblically balanced’ is NOT to allot equal airtime to every Biblical theme.”

via Desiring God
Rachel Pieh Jones

“No, brave is not the right word for parents. Dependent is.”

4)  Today Was Supposed to be My Wedding Day
via The Gospel Coalition
M. Conner

“He promises much more, and I wasn’t going to find it in a marriage with an unbeliever.”

5)  Rob Bell and the Judgmentless “Gospel”: Holy Love Wins
via The Gospel Coalition 
Trevin Wax
(I apologize for the extremely old post–but the ideas that he dismisses are unfortunately still present in the church.)

“…the judgmentless gospel is not gospel at all.  It leaves us with a diminished God and no need for grace.”

Friday Finds.

Happy Friday!

 Later this afternoon, Trey and I are driving to Raleigh to volunteer at the Matt Papa/Lecrae concert that the Summit is hosting!  

…aaaand we’re driving back tonight.  It’s gonna be a late one, folks.

But it’s summer…well, not for him. Oops. 


Here’s the list of five of my favorite articles I’ve read this week!


by my pastor, JD Greear, of The Summit Church

“We are to lead in being good neighbors to all in our community, especially our gay community.”

by Larissa Murchy, via Desiring God

Fortunately, our hope is that we’ve also wathed all of these alongside Jesus, who is our own man of sorrows, acquainted with grief (Isaiah 53:3).  So we have not walked it alone.”

Jen Wilkin of The Village Church

“If our exposure to it fails to result in transformation, particularly over the course of years, there are surely only two possible reasons why: either our Bible studies lack true converts, or our converts lack true Bible study.”

Trisha Wilkerson, via The Resurgence 

“Before long, we’ve created an alternate world for our ‘best self,’ an ideal we’ll never live up to.”

5)    Where Are All the Women Apologists?

Jonalyn Fincher, via Hermenutics

“‘Christian apologetics…will need women skilled in Islamic apologetics to speak with Muslim women, to go where Christian men cannot.'”

What are some insightful articles you’ve read recently?

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