Jars of wonderful.

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God & not to us.” {2 Corinthians 4:7}

hello there!

Hi, I’m Kayla:
 a follower of Jesus Christ, a college student, a black coffee-drinker, an oatmeal-eater, a listener & talker, a runner, & a friend.
Things I find wonderful:
– That Jesus took my place; my inheritance is His righteousness & the salvation & sanctification of all people.
– The Bible (my ESV study Bible, to be personal).
– my family & friends. I am rich indeed.
– kids. they are super cute & lots of fun.
– I really love to listen to people’s stories, days, & thoughts. They are so interesting.
– black coffee. There is no other way.
– coffee shops…comes with the territory.
– the beach–Wilmington, NC native!
– healthy food. I’m a nut (although I don’t find nuts to be wonderful, strangely enough).
– running (sometimes).
– mornings. ahh.
– game nights. enough said.
– thrift stores…CHEAP clothes! plus it’s the most fun way to shop.
– the color yellow. it’s just happy.
– writing. obvi.

2 thoughts on “hello there!

  1. We have the important things in common….except for the black coffee. Must have half n half, it’s the only way : )

  2. Good to keep primary things primary, although there is grace even for the half n half-ers…or there should be humility for the prideful black drinkers : )

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